Chapman club activities are opening back up

When you think about clubs, you feel about going out with the community, helping others and socializing but that all were cut off in 2020-2021. 

Amy Ballentine, the head of the Interact Club, thinks COVID has changed the way we do things. 

“I think COVID negatively impacted everything, (especially) the Interact Club way of doing this”.

The Interact Club was used to going out and interacting with the world; pre-COVID, they were very alive with the community. The pandemic forced them to stop doing things like going to Habitat for Humanity for a year and a half because they didn’t allow people to be in groups.

There were so many places just the same that weren’t allowing them to come in with big groups or everyone in your group had to wear a mask, which leads lots of people not to volunteer due to the safety of the people. 

This is why the Interact Club couldn’t participate in the soup kitchen at Inman’s First Baptist Church because they weren’t taking volunteers. The Interact Club was so used to helping around the Inman community, but the way you had to be 6 feet apart didn’t work as well as they thought. 

Since COVID is slowly calming down, they’re able to do more things.

“(I) talked to Habitat for Humanity and that they are 100% open now,” Ballentine said.

This makes their first appearance back at Habitat for Humanity on Oct 22 special.

“The fact that we are fully able to get back in the community is going to make a big difference,” Ballentine said.