The return of Mandlove


This year, Chapman High School welcomes back science teacher Ryan Mandlove. 

Mandlove, who teaches biology honors and AP Biology, taught at Chapman for seven years before returning back to Byrnes, the school where he began his career.

“I would have never left, but my wife had gotten a job that disrupted our pattern,” Mandlove said. To help with his family, he went back to Byrnes but always knew that he would be back in District One. Mandlove has two boys and loves to golf, run, and spend time with his family going on vacations. 

Growing up, Mandlove played multiple high school sports; he was the kicker for the football team and played basketball, but he mostly played soccer. 

In high school, Mandlove figured out what he wanted to do with his life. 

“I’ve always wanted to become a teacher,” Mandlove said. 

After that, he never even thought of a second plan and went to Wofford College to pursue a degree in teaching, majoring in science. 

Mandlove brings light into the room by having a relationship with each and every student. Freshman Leah Shnitser states how enjoyable he really is in the classroom. 

“My favorite thing about Mandlove is that he is really funny and a good teacher,” Shnitser said. 

In class, Mandlove uses different learning techniques to keep students engaged and learn what science is all about. 

Freshman Parker Gramling said some of his favorites. “He makes science fun by using labs and BioMan Bios,” Gramling said. 

Mandlove wants everyone to learn the true meaning behind science and not just focus on getting a good grade.

“Learning is about figuring things out, not just memorizing them,” Mandlove said.