An inside look at Chapman’s peer tutoring system

Chapman offers peer tutoring, which can be highly beneficial to student learning. Summer Tech says,The difference isn’t so much in how they are taught as in who is doing the teaching and the dynamic that creates. Having a peer as their instructor can foster a different dynamic compared to a traditional teacher-student relationship.”

Peer tutoring has also been shown to improve students’ attitudes toward learning, foster a more personal learning experience, engage students, and lead to higher academic achievement. 

At Chapman, peer tutoring is offered in the media center during flex on Thursdays. 

“Peer tutoring gives these students an opportunity to talk to somebody who is their age, their grade, and get a different explanation. It also gives students an opportunity to review their work in a non-threatening environment,” Media Specialist Amy Ballentine said.

Students doing peer tutoring are National Honor Society members, Beta Club members, Interact Students, and students recommended by their teachers. 

Ballentine expressed her hopes for the future of peer tutoring: 

“Now when we do peer tutoring, we close the library; My hope is that shutting the library for anybody who is not here to study for a class, or for a test with somebody else will take away some of that uncomfortableness.”

Ballentine said that people should seek out the opportunity.

“I think if somebody is willing to take a minute, and come in and look around that they would find they are really glad they came,” she said.

Ballentine stated there is a lot of good to be done in peer tutoring, as it is a very informal situation: 

“Especially for students who don’t feel comfortable asking questions in class, or maybe the teacher is explaining in a way that doesn’t make much sense to (the student); someone their age may be able to explain to them.”