A review of “Halloween Ends”

As most of everyone may know the new “Halloween Ends” has dropped, and without spoiling the movie for everybody, I will tell everybody my genuine opinion on what I think about the film.

“Halloween Ends” was set after “Halloween Kills,” and I feel like they have ended it in a very interesting way. I feel like the original story of “Halloween” was just a boy gone crazy and killed.

The movie turns its focus to a character named Corey. Corey has had a rough go with life for the last couple of years, and after a chance encounter with Michael, he turns a bit crazy.

Unlike Michael in the original movie, Corey has a reason for turning bad. I don’t need a reason for evil; I think just a crazy guy is creepy and not giving me excuses. This movie was no doubt different, with the knowledge that Michael can pass his evil, but I think they just should’ve done this more toward the ending. 

to make it easier to make a sequel, they needed to base the story around Michael and Laurie. That’s the whole storybook between them. If Michael possessed someone early in the movie off-camera and let us figure out he did at the end, it would be an amazing cliffhanger. 

As horror lovers, most of us know that they made Michael way too invincible, but in this movie, he was weaker! Michael does end up having a rough time in the end and it ends up actually being his weakening, but they let Michael be not as invincible in this movie, but based on his weakness I think that they based his weakness on his oldness. They showed that by letting him be clumsy sort of and a little more floppy than normal, but in the main fight scenes, he is the Michael Myers we all know. 

The main thing that I don’t like is just the whole movie in a picture, Michael and Laurie wouldn’t even fit in the frame. 90% of this movie is about Cory and shoving in our faces that Michael can possess others. As I said before they should have made 90% of the movie between Michael and Laurie and 10% of the movie about the point that Michael can possess others so they could make a sequel. 

I just think it was such an awkward way to end this saga. The only theory I could think of for a sequel is Laurie’s grandaughter getting pregnant and having an evil baby, but that would really be a stupid story anyways. 

I think this movie should have not included Cory or any of that and just Laurie and Michael, the epic battle between the two, but in the whole movie, not just 15 minutes in it so they could have ended this amazing saga with a great movie. I don’t hate this movie, but it’s not the greatest ending they could’ve finished the saga with.