Class of 2023: Allie Wright


The first time I met Allie Wright, she stopped me in the hallway and introduced herself. 

That’s atypical behavior for most teenagers, but what was more atypical was that she did it when visiting the school as an eighth grader. 

I remember this story so vividly because it’s so emblematic of who Allie is: kind, mature and classy. That’s how I know her, and that’s how I’ll remember her.

I had the privilege of teaching Allie as a ninth grader in English II Honors in fall 2019. At the end of the semester, I reached out and asked if she’d like to transfer from introduction to journalism to newspaper (sorry, Hollis). I’m grateful she agreed to do so. 

Allie’s first semester on staff was cut short due to the COVID shutdowns, and she stayed virtual her sophomore year, but for the last year-and-a-half, Allie has been a vital part of this newspaper, writing a variety of articles and assuming a leadership role as a senior.

(And if you want to know just how good she is at leadership, ask staff writer Makenna Carter; she’ll tell you what an incredible mentor she’s been.)

Through all of this, Allie has never wavered from the person I met in the hallway when she was in eighth grade. I am so sad she’s choosing to graduate early, but I am so proud of her and the person she has become.

Thank you, Allie, for always being that person; for representing this staff so well; for always remaining patient and kind; for helping young staff members who had questions; for changing your fourth period last semester to remain on staff in a special section with Juliana; for taking on a maternal role for your brother this year; and for contributing so much to this paper and its recent successes. 

Most importantly, thank you for walking over to me in the rotunda in spring 2020, and saying, “Are you Dr. Timmons? I’m Jodi Wright’s daughter.” 

I can’t imagine how much different all of this would have been if you hadn’t.