Is school damaging teenagers’ mental health?

As a senior in high school, I have spent many years going to school. Elementary and middle school were the easiest days of my life. I know back then I felt that the work was so hard and waking up early was tiring. But as I got older, I wish I could get those days back. 

The grade you are in or the classes you are taking depend on the amount of work you are given. Freshman year would seem to be the easiest, but every grade level still has the same amount of stress. If you play a sport, you don’t have as much time to do the work because of practice or games, which causes more stress.

Some people work part time jobs and might not get out of work until 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., which doesn’t give any time to do homework, or they stay up late to get it done. This causes stress and tiredness because there are still other necessities you need to do before bed. Eat dinner, take a shower and get everything ready for the next day. 

Every day in class, I see someone with their head down on their desk, not because of boredom or they don’t want to listen, but because they are just tired. I know with it being the start of the semester, there isn’t too much to be stressed about, but as it progresses, it will just get worse. Many teenagers struggle with mental health on a daily basis, and school could definitely be a factor. 

Teenagers are struggling with school every day. The amount of work that we are given, puts a toll on our health. High school should be the “best and easiest days of our lives,” but it also brings so much stress and anxiety that teenagers shouldn’t have to deal with.