The benefits of pageants

Beauty pageants have been around for many years, helping girls and women around the world showcase their poise and talent on stage. Many people find pageants to be wrong since they are being judged on mostly their appearance.

But there are multiple positives to joining a pageant.

One of the major things about pageants is helping with self-confidence.When you walk out on stage feeling your best self, it creates this phenomenal feeling: no matter what happens you know you look and did the best you can do. “Over and over, young women thank us for the people skills they learn through their pageant experience,” said Miss Texas USA. 

Public speaking can be scary for a large group of people. With doing pageants, public speaking is used everywhere, having to do an interview with the judges, or even an onstage question. This helps for people to get out of their comfort zones and express their creativity and passion with everyone around them.

Even though pageants are still competition, it helps to build character and find new friends. Although you are only with a group of girls for a small amount of time, you can really build a strong bond. You’re going through so many emotions that having people to laugh with or helping you overcome your nerves can make your experiences in the pageant a million times better. 

In a competition, you have to really show your personality to the people around you, which will actually help to build your character. There will be many defeats along the way, but it helps for you to become stronger and be able to learn from your mistakes that you may have made.

With all of this into consideration, maybe you should try a pageant of your own. You can build confidence, work on public speaking, build character, and find new friends. Even if you are still a little unsure about pageants, come and support your school at the Miss Panorama pageant on Jan. 21, 2023, to see if pageants are a right thing for you.