How to balance schoolwork with extracurriculars

In school, people have a workload of homework to do each night, but many people also do extracurricular activities. 

This could include doing fine arts or sports that take up time after school. Battling school and extracurricular activities can be hard without great time management. 

Jarrod Ray is one of our guidance counselors at Chapman. He helps students every day with the stresses that may come from the workload with school. Ray even uses time management strategies in his  life as well.

“(I manage time) mostly by prioritizing because I have a certain list that I need to accomplish,” said Ray. 

Each day students and teachers have a To-Do list that they need to accomplish. Many times we procrastinate because we may not enjoy what we are learning about, but it can make life so much harder unless you just do it as soon as you have time.

“Don’t put off what you can do now,” said Ray. If you can just sit down and get some or even all of your work done for the day; it can make your day go by easier and even give you some time to yourself after a long day.

It is very easy to get distracted in and out of school though. In school we have friends trying to talk about their day, or all of the noise in the school environment. 

“Getting distracted by TV, conversations, or just like any social media (prevents time management),” said freshman Lily Cothran. 

At home, people easily get distracted easily with any type of technology because you are simply just drawn by it to check if you got a text, or even to take a look at social media. These things can interfere with your ability to have good time management, so that’s why you need to create techniques that are perfect for you.

“You have to plan your week. I usually keep a planner for school assignments and events I have throughout the week or after school,” said junior Bryce Lee. Lee is a part of competition cheer and Mayor’s Youth Council. With having a busy schedule, it gets very easy to forget what you need to accomplish for that day.

Getting involved in many extracurricular activities can be challenging if you don’t have good time management. 

“Currently I participate in theatre, sometimes JROTC, and I have a lot of honor and AP classes,” said junior Camren Klepper. “I try to evenly distribute my work so that I’m not overloaded at one time.” 

With evenly distributing your work, it helps to not feel like you have a ton of work to do at one sitting. Taking small breaks is a great way to keep your mind moving, as well as to refocus on your work.

Klepper said that learning to manage time effectively is important for all students. “When your in the school system for most of your life and having a lot on your plate can get really tiring, so having to constantly put effort into your schoolwork and the effort for time management is sometimes to much but everyone gets through it,” said Klepper.