The positive effects of social media

When asked about social media, a lot of people automatically dive in talking about the negatives, but there are positives. 

Some people use it for business, to stay in touch with friends and family or to keep others updated with what is going on within a school or community. 

“It is also a great way where we can find pictures that we have not taken but we can put in the book (yearbook),” said senior Ellie Mitchell, co-editor for “Panorama.” 

Chapman students who have social media or use communication technology can be updated with important events that they might be interested in participating in.  

“ It’s great because we can promote deals or dress up days that people might otherwise not know about,” said Mitchell.

 Everyone loves a day when they can wear something special to school and not just casual jeans and a t-shirt.  Social media platforms can communicate information that students may have forgotten during their stressful day of school. 

Transferring to a new school can be so hard, but communication technology and social media can make the move easier. 

“Social media helps me to communicate with my friends from a different state that I came from,” said junior Khrystyna Boyko. 

Having social media and communication technology gives students comfort at a time when they may feel alone, not knowing anyone in a new environment.

Not only do social media and communication technology help to comfort a student from a different state or country, but they can also help a student meet new people. 

“It has made it easier so that I can connect with friends here after school and get to know them better,” said sophomore Tyler Mcalister.

Social media and communication technology are not only helpful to keep in touch with past friends, meet new friends, use pictures and send messages out to people, but it can also be used from business standpoints. 

“I think that it allows for me to make connections that I might not have,” English teacher Alex Colson said. “For example, professionally, I have a professional Twitter account that I can connect with people across the globe that are in the same field of work that I am.”

Along with students, teachers and administrators have lives outside of the school classroom. Social media and communication technology give the ability for people to stay in touch with family and friends that they may not live near or see often. 

“Personally, I am able to have much more interaction with friends and  family that are distant or I don’t see frequently,” said Assistant Principal Amy Driggers. 

So maybe next time when you are asked that repetitive question “How do you believe social media impacts you?” you can think of positives because although people use it in negative ways there are countless positives as well.