How to survive the long winter stretch

The first few weeks of school back from winter break are full of three day weekends. It’s a good way to ease people back into the school year. After the stretch of four day weeks, though, school is full five-day weeks for a long while. 

This part of the school year is usually the most difficult, as even though during the first semester there are similar conditions, there is a lot more going on, such as football and other such sports. Additionally, this semester is longer than the first. With summer break looming over everyone, it really drags on.

Some ways to “cope” with this could be to schedule hangouts with friends. With the library now open, there are plenty of opportunities to get the mounting schoolwork done alongside being with people you like.

Another way to feel more into it is to be more involved with school activities. There are events scheduled throughout the semester, and it’s always great to have people helping. It’s something to do as well, so if you’re up for it, it’s a win-win scenario!

Of course, the minor holidays in February and March are always worth celebrating if you like to. Valentine’s Day is around for discounted chocolate! Feel free to eat as much of it that you safely can.

Then again, this long stretch could be better for some people due to the constant feeling of possible normalcy (hopefully, you never know what the year could bring). A constant run of just normal days could be someone’s break, and that’s perfectly valid.

Of course, no matter your stance, school tends to be not fun for most people, so hopefully we can all get through this stretch of winter together.