The importance of celebrating Black History Month

February is recognized as Black History Month, a time to educate, celebrate, and recognize. BHM is important to me because this is the time of year that goes beyond educating people of the history and impact African-Americans have had that has influenced the country for years. It is also important to recognize the present generations still impacting and building a nation; individuals who have overcome prejudice. And the bright younger generation is making a difference and over-achieving today. 

Black History Month, sadly, is controversial as some don’t agree with it or agree that it should be celebrated everywhere. Thankfully, at Chapman we do see movement towards the celebration of Black History Month in different ways. F.A.R has committees hanging posters, organizing activities, and brainstorming ideas solely dedicated to BHM. This committee is constantly thinking of new ideas.

Moving on to the future, I would like to see an increase in student engagement when it comes to not only BHM, but other culture celebrations as well. I would love to see more involvement as far as recognizing African-American students making a difference and educating others, and even non African-American students who are still making an impact and also being dedicated to making a change and pushing for equality in our country. I know that movement takes time, and only time will tell how Chapman will celebrate BHM in the future. 

I will admit that in middle school, Black History Month wasn’t recognized and no one muttered anything about it, which was disappointing. Chapman already excels by recognizing the month and doing something to educate students during this month, which I think is great. I couldn’t be more proud to attend a school that embraces such diversity.