A review of “Eddsworld: Beyond”

“Eddsworld” is a British animated comedy cartoon on Newgrounds and YouTube. It centers around four (until Tord’s departure in 2008) guys in a house that go on misadventures. Following the creator’s passing in 2012, TomSka (best known for “ASDFmovie”) took a hold of the show, and he “ended” it in 2016.

… Until the current showrunner picked it up again and started a new era of the show. Currently, “Eddsworld” is in its “Beyond” era, starting in 2020 and going on until the present day.

Admittedly, Beyond is the weakest the series has ever been.

Beyond began with a sequel to a short posted roughly 12 years ago, and the short was kind of dry in its humor, but since it was the first video in four years, it was acceptable.

But it’s not 2020, it’s 2023. The most recent short, titled “The Chronicles of Santa” is just as, if not more, weak as the beginning of this era. The main “thing” of the episode was bringing back a beloved character, Tord, and then immediately getting rid of him. While some may find it funny, many have expressed anger at this. It is clear that Tord was essentially just clickbait.

The new full episodes aren’t great, either. The most recent episode, “Surf and Turf Wars Part 1,” is a quickly-paced mess. It all runs together and does not leave the viewer time to breathe. If not that, then it’s being painfully slow; some sketches go on far too long, such as the scientist sketch that goes on for 45 seconds or the police chase inside Matt’s (one of the main characters) mind. It doesn’t help that most reviews have called these sketches not very funny, so it’s a chore to get through.

The creators also made the decision to introduce three bully characters. To someone who’s never heard of “Eddsworld,” this seems fine, but if you’re even vaguely familiar with the show, you’d know of the main three antagonists who are very recurring and very beloved by the fans, known as the neighbors. The new characters introduced don’t have nearly the same amount of charm, nor do they play their role in an enjoyable way. It especially doesn’t make sense when considering that one of the bullies has the same voice actor as one of the original neighbors.

Overall, “Eddsworld: Beyond” is a train wreck that fans can’t even bring themselves to watch. It feels hollow to watch a show so beloved fall out of grace like this.