Only some celebrities should be idolized

I know that we have all been guilty of obsessing over a celebrity at least once in our lifetime. Whether it be on social media or someone who acts in TV shows and movies, there’s always someone we believe to be our favorite. 

Depending on our interests, there may be someone we like that is associated with these specific interests. Gaming, sports, social media, movies and TV shows all have people that most would consider a celebrity or famous. But are there specific celebrities that get to where they are for the wrong reasons? Would you even call some of these people celebrities?

With the rise of Tiktok, a 15 second video that you post could end up going viral in a day. There have been many people we consider celebrities now that have become popular from this app just by posting one of these 15 second videos. 

For example, Charli D’amelio became the most followed creator on Tiktok because she posted videos of her dancing for 15 seconds in front of a camera. Because of this, her family now has their own TV show, and many young girls look up to her. 

While this may sound like a big accomplishment, she and her family have also been the main cause of drama in parts of the social media world. Which leads to another question: If people didn’t really do anything to help anyone, should they even really be considered celebrities? 

There are lots of celebrities that people look up to and consider them good role models. They may look like good role models and may even be good role models, but there are some celebrities that put on a front. 

They make themselves look like a nice person to the world, but in reality they are not. All of these celebrities make lots of money from the things that they do and not all of them use this money in good ways. To be considered a celebrity is to be well known, but in my opinion, I think a celebrity should be someone who does good things for the world. If the money they make is being used to buy new cars and showing off their new designer bags, would these be considered good role models?

We see many celebrities everyday showing off their daily life. Even though we wish we had what they have sometimes, we also need to consider if these really are people that we want to be like.