After-school sports should count as a PE credit

After-school sports should count as a PE credit. PE credits count for any form of physical education. 

After-school sports could be considered physical education. Some sports players are required to take weights, while others don’t. Weights are counted as PE credits. So some players get to have a PE credit because of their sport.

Not only are sports physical exercises, but they also teach students teamwork. Students still are still learning during practices. PE teaches us about teamwork and skill building.

If sports were counted as PE credits it would encourage students to join more sports. It would also help teachers because they are still teaching students. It helps teachers understand different students. Students and teachers both benefit from having after-school sports as credit.

As a former track runner who had PE during the day and sports in the afternoon, it caused some conflict. After school, I would be tired from already doing PE and wasn’t able to put in the best during track season.

Other students could be affected by being burnt out and not being able to give their best. But if students got credits for sports then students could give their best at their sports. If you could pick to do sports or PE during the day, then students would be ready to do one or the other. After-school sports should count as a PE credit.