Seniors reflect on tumultuous four years

As the school year comes to an end, the seniors are getting close to saying their final goodbyes. 

For the class of 2023, high school has been a unique experience.

This school year has been the only normal school year the seniors have had. Their freshman year was cut short by COVID-19 closures, and the next two years were affected greatly by COVID restrictions.

Student Body President Camden Souther said that the fallout from the pandemic had an unfortunate effect on students.

“I feel like if COVID never happened, then students would be a lot more involved over time,” he said. “We would have never had to stop pep rallies, sports events and other events.”

It wasn’t all bad, though. Ellie Mitchell identified a way that the pandemic helped her. 

“Obviously, I wouldn’t have wanted COVID to happen, but I think working from home really helped me learn how to manage time,” she said.

Even though their school career looked different, some seniors such as Leigh Williams believe that they were still able to make an impact on the school

“Theatre has been a really big one that I’ve made an impact on,” Williams said. “I’m a Christian and I love to share Jesus, and in theatre I have the opportunity to show Jesus’s love and his mercy.” 

Mitchell said that she, too, was able to make an impact. 

“Being (yearbook co-editor), I’ve obviously made a physical impact on the school, but I think through some of the clubs I am in like Beta Club and Interact that I’ve left a positive impact on the school,” she said.

Souther said he was able to make an impact from his position on student council

“It has been so great being involved in planning events for the student body and just representing my school,” he said. “My goal when I was voted in for my position was not to up and change Chapman. I wanted to bring about new ways to get people involved in events for our freshmen all the way up to seniors.” 

After four years of high school, seniors have some advice for underclassmen. 

“Don’t worry about the petty little drama your freshman year,” Williams said. “When you let it go, you will have the best four years of your life.”

Souther stands strong in the belief that everyone should get involved with the events that take place. 

“Chapman has so many different things to offer and there is something for everyone,” he said. “Do not waste the four years just coming to class. Get involved, and you will most likely meet some lifelong friends.” 

Mitchell wants to remind younger students the importance of simply having fun.

“Don’t stress too much,” she said. “It goes by really fast, so have fun.”