Class of 2023

Last August, I stood in front of my classroom and saw 17 journalism students in front of me. I told them that I wanted to cry with joy. 

They thought I was a bit weird, and maybe I was (or am), but as an adviser, seeing that many students ready to work on The Prowl is indescribably exciting.

My spring staff, with a total of 10 students, equally excited me, and although I had learned by 

January not to tell any of them about my desire to cry, I still wanted to.

Now, I’m fighting back the tears, but for a different reason. 

Among those students this year has been a collection of students who I have absolutely adored, who have worked hard, who have pushed this newspaper to be the best version of itself yet, and who have given me terrific memories.

Unfortunately, it’s also a collection of students who, for the most part, were only with me for a semester each. 

But a short time doesn’t mean a forgettable time. 

To Jakob, Patrick, Aleah, Joy and Kady: Thank you all for the laughs, The Prowlcast, the videos, the articles and the opinion pieces. Thank you all for taking ownership of some part of this publication in your short time with us. Thank you for actively participating. Thank you for making The Prowl better by simply doing all the things that you each do well. The only thing you all didn’t do well is join us sooner. I will always regret that.

To Alex: You get your own section because you’re the exception here. You spent five semesters with me (not including three class periods of English), and although you abandoned me and the staff — and lost your chance at getting a farewell piece about you — I will still miss having you here. Our conversations about books, education, grading, money and so much else were so important to me and genuinely carried me through some tough stretches. Thank you for answering my e-mail when you were a freshman and for being willing to jump in and help grow this paper.

My hope is that each of you remembers your experience here as fondly as I will. You’re a special group, Class of 2023, and I’m so honored that I was a part of your journey.