Hendricks joins English department


Drew Timmons

English teacher Emily Hendricks prepares for her classes. Hendricks is a first-year teacher.

Lane Penley, Staff Writer

When first-year English teacher Emily Hendricks walked into Chapman High School for the first time, it made a good impression.

“I could feel the positive, encouraging environment, and students were excited to be back,” she said. “I love the fact that Chapman is a smaller school and everyone knows each other within the building.”

Hendricks has prepared tremendously for the beginning of her career, completing secondary education certification through Furman University.

Hendricks has also utilized co-workers as mentors and guidance. She enjoys the feedback that is given from other teachers as well.

“I have taken lots of advice from Mr. Timmons, Mrs. Hollifield, Mrs. Hall and Ms. Cater,” she said.

Hendricks’s students have already shown appreciation for her.

“(I am) confident that she will be a helpful, encouraging teacher,” sophomore Paul Salva said. Hendricks said that the students are wonderful, and it has made transitioning into a teacher much easier for her. She looks forward to the rest of the year.

“I am looking forward to making Chapman my home and connecting to students and the whole school in general,” Hendricks said.