“Anything Goes” cast tapping into newfound talent

Autumn Stempihar, Staff Writer

The theatre department has been at work for several months to make way for their spring production of “Anything Goes,” premiering on Thursday, Feb. 28. Preparing for the show has been endless work for both the cast and theatre director Carrie Roberts. Rehearsals started in the summer of 2018, and haven’t stopped since.

Choreographer Kellianne Floyd taught the cast since last summer, with multiple tap lessons and loaded choreography. Her lessons moved the cast forward at a pace that takes most dancers years to perfect.

“We’ve had to learn how to tap dance and a ton of intense choreography,” said freshman Sara Bryant. “It was hard, but definitely worth the outcome.”

The cast also designed and made their own costumes and props to reflect the 1930s era that the play is set in.

Throughout “Anything Goes,” the audience watches characters maneuver between several different sets. The play is mainly about everyone going on a cruise ship to England and all ending up falling into intertwined love connections. 

“I’ve grown to appreciate and love it [dancing] more than I thought I would,” Bryant said.

Tap dancing, and dancing in general, is a completely new concept for most members, but they’ve tackled the task at hand in order to have a successful show.

“I’m really impressed with how much hard work they’ve put in,” Roberts said. “I’m really proud of the growth.”

The production will be held in the Chapman auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 28, March 1 and March 2 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10.