Baum goes off and leaves behind three yearbooks

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Baum goes off and leaves behind three yearbooks

Autumn Stempihar, Staff Writer

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Between theatre and yearbook, senior Emma Baum has had an eventful four years. Freshman year she joined both theatre and journalism and remained an active participant in both fields throughout all four years.

Baum joined yearbook as a sophomore after taking Introduction to Journalism her freshman year and being convinced by Dr. Alex Hollis, the yearbook adviser. After showing dedication to the publication for two years, she was promoted to editor-in-chief for her senior year on the yearbook staff.

For Baum, becoming editor was just a title to go along with tasks she had already been doing.

“It’s not that difficult; I’ve already been doing a lot on staff, so it’s not that much different,” Baum said.

Her leadership this year was rewarded on Friday, May 10, more commonly known as Yearbook Day, as the entire Chapman family joined to experience the reveal of “Here and Now.” Baum, and the rest of the staff, looked on with proud accomplishment at hundreds of students reliving the moments of this school year on the screen and within the pages of this year’s book.

As her time has come to an end here at Chapman, Baum reflects on the past four years on staff. Baum says she will definitely miss her fellow peers–and adviser–along with traditions, such as making the then and now baby picture video.

However, her legacy will continue on and future members will be able to look at the walls of Hollis’ room to see her plaque hanging there, recognizing the hard work she put in over the years.

Baum graduating leaves the yearbook staff in the tough spot of replacing their editor, but it’s a task they feel prepared for because of the investment Baum has made.

“The thing about Emma is that she set the bar incredibly high to everyone around her. I don’t think we’re going to be in trouble without her being here. I think there’s going to be a little bit of expectation for them to fill her shoes,” Hollis said. “But no one can be the same as Emma. Besides the journalism part, she was a natural leader, organizing and getting things done on a schedule she created and how she wanted it to be done, and everyone’s not going to operate like that. She has set a very high expectation for what the editor should be, and that gives the people that are following her something to strive for.”

As Baum embarks on a new journey into college, she wants to continue to embrace her love for the yearbook by considering to apply to be on the yearbook staff at Converse College, where she will be attending in the fall.