The week of May 13 news update

Cassidy Brackett, Staff Writer

This week, the oldest tree on the east coast was discovered, the Riverbanks Zoo went viral, and “This Is Us” was renewed. Here’s an update on what you might have missed.

The fifth oldest tree in the world was recently found in the Black River in North Carolina. The Cypress tree is said to be older than Christianity and has survived through 26 centuries.

While this tree, locally known as Methuselah, dates back to 364 AD, it has been said that the trees around it are older, yet there is no way to know for sure due to the rotting of the core.

The Nature Conservatory is working to protect the ancient tree and its surrounding lands and waters. Click here to read about the ancient trees in North Carolina.

Even more locally, the gorillas at Riverbanks Zoo went viral after a video of their reaction to the recent storms was posted online. In the video, the gorillas can be seen racing to their shelter while also keeping themselves and their young dry.

In more than a week, the video racked in over 8 million views and was shared by news outlets as far away as India. Watch the viral video here.

“This Is Us” fans who have been waiting on the edge of their seats for a renewal announcement were happy to see that the award-winning show has been renewed.

The show’s Twitter account revealed on Sunday, “The best things come in threes. How do three more seasons of #thisisus sound?” Fans around the world are now celebrating the confirmation of not only one, but three more seasons of the favorite show. To catch up on the show before season four, click here.