To our senior Prowl staff

Tristian Lewis, Staff Writer

From my short time here on The Prowl staff, our seniors have given me the guidance I have needed to further my love for journalism, and for that I thank you. In the mere five months that I have been on staff, you have made me feel like family and welcomed me with open arms.

To Gracie, thank you for your guidance and thank you for your love of journalism. You have guided me and made me a better journalist for it. I want to thank you for all the fun and stories that you, Cassidy and I have shared. All the laughs, struggles to figure out crosswords and the pop-tarts are memories that I will cherish forever. I took for granted the short amount of time that I had under you, and that is my only regret. I hope that I can make you proud and keep your legacy alive in my time at Chapman.

To Lane, as much as we argue and bicker over the way you eat your pop-tarts, I am grateful to have met you this semester. I enjoyed all of the last minute articles that you wrote and the care-free opinions you gave me, even when I didn’t want them. Watching you openly express and share your opinions with no care of what others thought makes me hopeful that one day I can be as carefree as you, and if not, I hope to find a good balance in between me and you.

To Hunter, I have known you for a very short time, and you often didn’t show up to class, however, Crit always worried about you. In fact, all of us did. Well, those of us who knew you, and I hope that you continue with your career of being late to every event or just not showing up.

This semester was too short, and I am sad to have to say goodbye to you, Gracie and Lane, but I want to make it known that this isn’t the end. No matter where you end up, in business or in journalism, I ask that you don’t forget about your staff. We are here to carry on your legacy to the best of our abilities, and I want to say a final thank you and make it known how much I appreciate you. So, thank you for showing me a love for journalism that is deeper than I could have ever known and goodbye for the time being.