Five not-so-spooky movies for Halloween

Tristian Lewis and Cassidy Brackett

With October comes all things spooky, and mountains of scary movies are a must for anyone looking to get into the Halloween spirit. After spending an entire day watching thrillers, you are sure to need something to get you mind off of the frightening images.

Here are five not-so-spooky movies for Halloween: 

  1. “The Addams Family”
    1. Everyone’s favorite spooky family returns to the big screen in a cartoon version of The Addams Family. You can catch this star-studded film in theaters now. 
  2. “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”
    1. Watching the timeless Charlie Brown films are a tradition for many families. If you missed this classic, you can check it out on Amazon Prime. 
  3. “Edward Scissorhands”
    1. In this Tim Burton film, a scientist builds a robot but dies before he is finished building him leaving the beloved robot with nothing but scissors for hands. Rent this movie on Amazon Prime and fall in love. 
  4. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
    1. This is another Tim Burton film that is a favorite for many, and it is often viewed through Halloween and Christmas. Catch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Amazon Prime. 
  5. “Halloweentown”
    1. Whether it is the original “Halloweentown” or any of its sequels, these Disney classics are easy to enjoy after a scare. Catch the original on Amazon Prime.