Chapman collecting supplies for North Central High School

Elizabeth Franklin, Editor

On Jan. 11, North Central High School in Kershaw County was devastated by an EF-2 tornado that ripped through hallways and classrooms at a harrowing 130 miles per hour. 

While students are grateful that no one was injured, they are still mourning the loss of their beloved school and the precious memories it held. For North Central’s seniors, losing their school also meant losing the chance to say goodbye to the last four years of their lives. 

“I was hoping my last day as a senior I’d get to walk through the hallways and say goodbye without being taken away from it, I guess,” senior Jared Chavez told WIS News in Columbia.

The Kershaw County School District has already announced that North Central students will finish out the school year at the district’s vocational building.

However, there are still a lot of supplies needed for both students and teachers, and schools across the state, including Chapman, are making an effort to help. 

“We are all members of the same universe,” Assistant Principal Amy Driggers said. “When there is a need and you are able to help, even if it’s in a very small way, we should. That’s what we’re supposed to do.”

Spartanburg District One is encouraging students and teachers to donate in any way they can. 

“I have not put any limitations on donations, as long as it is usable and in good shape,” Driggers said. “If you don’t have items but want to contribute financially, we will go out and use that money to good end and buy some of those resources.”

Donations will be accepted through Friday and can be dropped off at the front office or outside of Driggers’s office on the 300 hallway.