Chapman piloting new Chromebooks

Ethan Onate, Staff Writer

Technology has tons of information that can help teachers and students be successful and accurate with their work. 

At Chapman, students have used the same Chromebooks for over four years, but now the administration is considering an upgrade.

“The main amount of Chromebooks students are using they’ve had for over four years, so going to a new device has updated technology and faster access to websites and operate more smoothly and quickly,” media specialist Amy Ballentine said.

The new Chromebooks are smaller and easier to carry in bags so students will have an easier time carrying them around. This would help students get their work done and make better use of their time.

The new Chromebooks have no case, handle or strap, but rather a plastic case that stays with the Chromebooks at all times. They have a  180-degree screen that opens up so students can share information they have when working with groups. 

Since the Chromebooks will be new they shouldn’t break as often as the Chromebooks students currently have. The new Chromebooks have a built-in case that protects them and is constantly connected with the device so students don’t have the trouble of carrying around a large case that can detach from the Chromebook.

The Chromebooks have an 11-inch screen versus the current 13-inch screen.  

“The Chromebooks we have have been around long enough that they need to be refreshed because they are not going to hold up past much more of the time that we’ve had them,” Ballentine said.