Chapman hosts baseball/softball Media Day


Coach Steven Fusaro

Elizabeth Franklin, Editor

For the past two years, Chapman baseball coach Steven Fusaro has been organizing a media day for baseball and softball teams from the area. 

“Two years ago, I saw that there was a need for this,” Fusaro said. “I just reached out to the coaches in the area, asked them if they would have some interest. All of them thought it would be a great thing.”

Upstate Prep Cast, several radio stations and Jed Blackwell from the Herald-Journal come to Chapman to ask select players and coaches questions about their game. The event gives players the chance to gain more exposure to colleges and open up more doors for them looking into the future. 

“There’s just an unbelievable amount of kids that go on to play college sports and baseball and softball and some unbelievable coaches,” Fusaro said. “(We are) just kind of bringing awareness to them and the different programs and the people that are involved here.”