Ozzy’s powerful new ballad

Robert Owens, Staff Writer

“When the lights go down, it’s just an empty stage,” Ozzy Osbourne sang in his latest single “Ordinary Man.” This song, being slower and more gentle than some of his previous work, is reflective of his life and comes across as an effort to resolve his past mistakes. 

Osbourne has a history of drug abuse and acting out on stage. His usual music reflects the wild persona he portrays on stage and in public, but in the past ten years Osbourne’s health has been declining. “Ordinary Man” is an apology, a eulogy to who he once was.

“Yes, I’ve been a bad guy. Been higher than the blue sky. And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man,” This line really ties up what he is trying to get across.

While writing this song, Osbourne told Forbes Magazine that it reminded him of an Elton John song, so he called Elton John and asked him to play piano for him. John agreed and the king of ballad rock joined the prince of darkness to form a beautiful, pain striking, and honest piece of music. 

This song is so beautiful and it’s just not because of the lyrics. Nor is it because of the intention of the music itself. The reason this song deserves any attention at all is the pain and regret in Osbourne’s voice. The mood that his voice portrays feels so hurt, even the guitar feels sad and searching for redemption. 

“I was unprepared for fame. Then everybody knew my name. No more lonely nights, it’s all for you.”