CREATIVE CORNER: “The Rain Fell for Him,” a poem by Robert Owens

Robert Owens, Staff Writer

“The Rain Fell for Him”

None of us expected the rain

None of us wanted to get wet


But when the rain came

It came, and it came strong


And we weren’t prepared

We weren’t ready for anything that happened that day


We cried, and held each other 

We held each other the way old friends might


We held hands as the rain poured

And the music played 


He and all the angels looked down on us

Knowing we were oblivious


And stuck in our ways

Grieving, even though that’s not what he wanted


We watched the rain fall that night

But we felt the clouds coming that morning


And now we’re mourning

One day the sky will be blue again


But the color will never look the same

One day we will smile again. But we will never be the same

– Robert Owens, 2/6/20