The most beautiful thing in the world


Abbie Cleveland

Abbie Cleveland, Staff Writer

The earth, our planet, our home. It is filled with many beautiful things — the trees, bushes, flowers and even water we have to drink.

You can also think of beautiful things like love, relationships, and trust. It can’t be seen but it’s just as beautiful as nature and maybe even more. Love can be as deep as a love for your soulmate or parents. Or as minor as love for a dress. 

There’s also the fact of pain, hate, and sadness. Pain in an emotional way can turn into overcoming, forgiveness, or lessons learned. It can be beautiful even if the pain itself isn’t. 

You can listen to different songs, read different quotes and think it means something, but someone else reads it and it means something completely different. 

This can make it beautiful to you, but no one else would see it the same way. Sometimes I even catch myself listening to the same song over again and still find new interpretations of it. 

What is the most beautiful thing in the world? I would have to say, love. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Love is everywhere in the world. Everyone’s love is built on those relationships, that trust. Love can get complicated and build more strength. 

Love is a simple concept but so much more meaningful. Love is truly a beautiful thing. If you have it you will never forget it. If you love someone truly and deeply you don’t give up. When things get hard you push through and fix things.

Love can be both painful and wonderful but both beautiful in their own way. Love can be interpreted differently in everyone’s eyes.

Love for me is everything. It is the result of things being made. The thing that helps you through hard times. The thing that supports you in everything you do and wish to do. It grows, deepens, and really becomes what evolves my life. Love for my boyfriend deepens with every day and turns more and more beautiful. The most beautiful thing in this world.