CREATIVE STORY: “My Letter of Resignation,” by Robert Owens (part 2)

Robert Owens, Staff Writer

Hey, Jimmy! It’s been awhile since we’ve talked, I hope the diner is doing well. Joanne, the florist across the street, called me about a job at that new Italian place downtown and she said that a recommendation is crucial to get a spot.

I know we aren’t on the best of terms, but I really need this Jimmy. We promised him that if anything went wrong with the diner, we wouldn’t do this. You haven’t answered any of my calls, texts, and you responded with, “Kk” to my last email.

This isn’t about us or any of our problems, this is about him. This is about what we promised. Please just answer, I really need this, my landlord won’t hold out much longer. Do it for him Jim, not me.