Eating well all year, not just for prom


Allie Wright

Allie Wright, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again: prom time! Time to get a date, a new dress and maybe go on a diet! 

Everywhere I go I hear some of my fellow classmates discussing how they should stop eating Zaxby’s and go to the gym so they can look ravishing on their special night.  However, should this truly be the only time to start thinking about your overall health?

As a person who regularly stays on a strict diet and works out, I can let you know, it is truly not easy,  but it also doesn’t have to have a negative connotation. 

Dieting and exercising are great ways to stay healthy and prolong your life. 

Tons of people will question why you are going on a diet: “Why are you going on a diet?” “You look great! No reason to change!” “Is dieting really a good thing when you pass on eating Grandma’s homemade cake?” 

Diets do not have to be a “look-good guarantee” but more of a reason to promote good health habits. 

Want to get started?  How about trading those fries at Zaxby’s for a side of celery instead?  Habits like that, which are so simple, could help you prevent a chronic disease. 

Teen Health from Nemours suggests some tips for losing weight safely.  Tip one is not a surprise, Exercise! The more you exercise, the healthier you will be, and quicker you can shed those pounds! Another tip is to avoid drinking sugary drinks.  

Next, consider choosing a variety of protein foods. Lastly, eat breakfast! This is a big controversy, but studies show that students who eat breakfast are least likely to be overweight.

Maybe none of the tips above have worked for you, and simply keeping a nice balance of healthy foods and not so healthy foods may be what you need. 

Eat everything in moderation; there’s a perfect balance in this life if we can find it. Good luck!