Respecting the opinions of others


Abbie Cleveland

Abbie Cleveland, Staff Writer

Today a lot of people have many different opinions. That’s perfectly fine and normal. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 

The only thing about it is no one should ever try to pressure you into believing something, harm you for not believing what they do or make fun of you for it. 

Wars have started, Crimes have been committed, and people have died all because they didn’t like what someone else believes. People for ages have always banished things that are different than them —  religion, gender, the color of their skin and even if someone doesn’t look “attractive”. Even today I hear people making fun of someone just because they have a different sexuality than them. I’ve even heard people say they would harm someone else over something as simple as liking a different candidate than them. 

All of this has happened since the beginning. Shouldn’t we try to change that? We’re supposed to learn from mistakes; that’s one of the reasons why we learn history, isn’t it? They did this wrong in the past and this happened because of it. That’s why we shouldn’t do it. 

Everyone is different in their different ways. Nothing is going to change that. Everyone is going to have a different opinion or something different to say. That’s what makes the world interesting. If everyone was the same, we’d have nothing new to say and no new ideas. No one has to be hateful when saying they believe something different. You can have respectful and intellectual conversations providing points to the side you believe. 

Everyone should be respectful, polite, and nice to each other. There really isn’t a reason not to be. Treat people how you want to be treated. Even when someone is being mean, you can be nice. Even if it’s hard to be. 

You never know what someone is going through being nice to that one person could prevent them from harming themself or just make their day. Words mean more than we even know. One single compliment can make someone happy all day long.