Considering capital punishment


Ethan Onate, Staff Writer

I believe the death penalty is too easy for people. 

I believe this because people can murder, rape and abuse others but the only thing they get is death. 

Some people in this world deserve to suffer for what they have done and lethal injection is simple. It may be painful, but to me, it isn’t enough. People can be so evil that I don’t think they should get an easy way out. I have heard terrible things people have done and the outcome of it all. People have lost loved ones and lost part of themselves due to that.

 They should sit alone thinking of what they did wrong. I’d like to say that everyone deserves a second chance, but I just can’t put my mind around someone taking another’s life. They knew what they were doing so they should pay for it. There is no reason why we should have people that believe it is fine to take a life and have them be in this world. 

Giving them the chance to think about what they did could make them learn and deal with their regret of what they did. Killing them might seem like it’s what they deserve, but in the long run, having them in the cell for the rest of their lives thinking is both worse and better. 

It would make that person sorry for what they’ve done, and I believe that is what those people need to feel instead of just having their life taken. 

Execution costs taxpayers an average of $1.1 million. I think that people should just stay in prison and think of how they could have been a free person and not in prison.  Doing that would cost way less money and have the person really pay for what they have done and be away from civilization. 

Having the people that are on death row in prison saves money and there are more benefits to it.