Working together in a time of crisis


MayLeigh Chapman, Staff Writer

With all the rumors circulating about COVID-19, I really haven’t known what exactly to think about the virus itself. However, I do know that people need to slow down and think about other people’s needs during this hectic time. 

Many people all around the world are panicking, and that may be for good reason, but they are stockpiling supplies that other people need. I have seen many stories going around the internet about older people, soldiers and even mothers with families to feed that can’t find the supplies they need. 

These people can’t buy the supplies they need because everyone is panicking. I know you’ve all heard about people fighting over something as small as a roll of toilet paper, so let me ask you this: Is it really worth it? Is something as small as a roll of toilet paper really going to make that much difference in the long run?

People also need to consider who they put at risk while they’re still traveling instead of staying at home. Many people go home to grandparents, who are more susceptible because of their weakened immune systems. 

We need to stop panicking and think about what our actions are doing to other people. Do you really want to be the one responsible for someone catching coronavirus and spreading it? Do you want to put other people in danger just because you’re scared?

We need to work together and eradicate this virus. If we don’t, we might get ourselves into more trouble than a stockpile of toilet paper can fix.