How my life has changed


Abbie Cleveland

Abbie Cleveland, Staff Writer

Fast new changes have been happening due to the coronavirus. 

Businesses have shut down, people are working at home, and students are doing school at home. 

The world has been taking precautions to prevent spreading such as the government officially announcing that you can’t go anywhere unless it’s to visit family, get essential items or care, or go to an essential job.

If you are caught going somewhere other than those places you can face harsh consequences.

I personally find the school at home to be great. It was hard to adjust and figure out what I was doing, and the teachers were having a hard time with it too. 

But soon we got the hang of it together. 

I can sleep in, pull up all my work on my computer, do it all and be done by 1 p.m. 

I have gotten into the routine of doing that every single day, and I have found that I really enjoy doing it that way. Of course, I miss seeing people at school, but I get to sleep in and still be done with my work at an earlier time than school is out.

With the lessons, the teachers record them teaching and post it in google classroom. You take notes as needed, email questions and you can start your assignment. If your assignment isn’t all on Google Classroom, you can download Gmail to your phone, take a picture of it and send it that way. 

Not being able to go out gets boring, but Netflix, food, sleep, board games, books, and texting my boyfriend make it more interesting. 

My birthday is in a few days, and I hate that we can’t go out and celebrate it, but I’m thankful we could have a small gathering to celebrate with cake. There are always good and bad sides to everything. This won’t be forever, but while it is occurring, be sure to stay safe and take care of yourself.