How Chromebooks have changed schooling


Drew Timmons

A student Chromebook.

Over time technology in our everyday life evolves and upgrades. Schools also evolve and upgrade.

School has changed a lot over the years, going from one small building with one class and one teacher, to large, elaborate buildings, containing numerous classrooms, teachers and holding hundreds of students.

But the architecture isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Inside the classrooms has changed, too. Chalkboards have all been replaced with dry-erase boards, then classroom TVs got replaced with projectors, and now, paper and pencil have been replaced with Chromebooks.

Back before Chromebooks were handed out, nobody really expected to see themselves walking around carrying a computer with them at school. 

Before Chromebooks, everything was on paper, except for the rare times when we got to use the computer labs for educational websites or MAP testing. 

Now, everybody’s used to carrying a Chromebook almost everywhere. 

But these Chromebooks have proven to be very beneficial over the years. Schools that have Chromebooks now don’t have to use computer labs for testing. 

So far, Chromebooks have proven to be beneficial to the schools that have them, and they may even progress to a normal item in every school.