Should schools require uniforms?

Every school, at some point, has thought about whether or not they should make students wear uniforms. There are many pros and cons that this idea brings.

Private schools are more likely to wear uniforms than public schools, but still some public schools do.

This can be good for the school staff because they don’t have to worry about dress coding students or sending them home to change. If students were told what to wear there wouldn’t be a problem. Yet some students may decide to rebel and try to change their school uniforms which could lead to more problems. 

For students, wearing a uniform can save more time in the morning because they would already know what they’re going to wear and wouldn’t have to wake up thirty minutes earlier just to pick out an outfit. 

For parents, it can save some money. One or two uniforms is a lot cheaper than a whole back-to-school shopping trip. 

Uniforms could help with less bullying also. Some people have less money than others and wear cheaper clothes and are made fun of for it, or sometimes people just don’t like someone’s style and they judge them. With uniforms, everyone would be wearing the same thing and no one could be made fun of for their clothes.

However, wearing uniforms to school could also be problematic. Students would miss being able to wear whatever they want and having their own style. Personal style is very important to some students and it gives them a way to express themselves, with uniforms this would not be possible. 

“I wouldn’t like to wear school uniforms because I like being able to wear whatever I feel comfortable in,” said sophomore Kady Cartee. “Everyone wears different things and it just wouldn’t work out for some people.”

Most students oppose uniforms because they don’t want to wear the same thing as everyone else and would rather show off their new outfit. Wearing their own clothes allows students to be more comfortable because they can choose what they want to wear depending on their style, daily activities, and the weather.