What the Chapman media center has to offer



The Chapman media center’s new 3D printer.

As students and teachers no doubt already know, Chapman has had to make adjustments to school-related activities, services, and extracurriculars. The Chapman media center, however, has remained virtually unchanged.

“As always, we offer Fun Friday during lunch,” said Media Assistant Ashley Settle. “We’re still doing our STAR Reader Program,([and) we just recently got a new 3D printer that students are welcome to use. Nothing’s really changed because of restrictions. It’s just less crowded, unfortunately.”

Settle said that the media center has been working with teachers as well. 

“We’re also doing breakouts as often as teachers request them,” Settle said. “Of course, there’s restrictions because of COVID. Students have to wear their masks, and we’re asking them to wear gloves.”

Brittany Feagan’s Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 1 Honors students participated in the first breakout of the year to study for their Unit 2 test. 

According to sophomore Abby Gossett, the breakout was a success.

“I think the breakout in the library went very well because the tasks were challenging but also fun to do,” Gossett said. “I would do another breakout because I enjoyed figuring out the clues, and it helped me better understand the content we were learning.”

Spine Crackers, the Chapman student book club, has continued to meet, with two meetings during the first week of each month so all students can participate.

“Like most first club meetings, we weren’t sure of how many people would show up, but no matter the outcome, we still appreciated everyone who decided to come in and discuss books,” said junior Spine Crackers member Kayla Her. “Based off the first meeting, I think things are going well, and (Media Specialist) Mrs. Ballentine is doing her best to make it as normal as possible.”

Students are continuing to utilize the media center, whether to just check out a book, get a loaner Chromebook or try out the new 3D printer.

“We have our regulars that come in and check out books,” Settle said. “Students have come in to print things that they need for class, (and) they’ve come in to work on Apex. They’ve browsed our nonfiction for any research they may be doing in classes. They’ve also come in with their classes to do activities such as library orientation.”

Settle and media specialist Amy Ballentine have done their best to make sure the media center is unchanged and available for all, which is appreciated by students.

“I have heard from numerous students that they never feel unsafe in (the library), which I think is both important and responsible,” Her said. “The library is a safe environment, and it’s all thanks to Mrs. Ballentine and Mrs. Settle.”