Expectation versus reality in high school

Starting high school is very different for most students from what they are used to. Some students see high school as intimidating and scary, and others see it as exciting and a new opportunity. 

The summer before starting high school is full of many thoughts, some dreadful and some exciting. Students try to picture what their new school will be like and how different it may be.

Some freshmen spend the summer worrying about getting lost, finding friends, and being around older students. They have fear of the unknown. 

Some incoming freshmen hear rumors about high school that scare them. They might hear that the upperclassmen bully freshmen or that the teachers are really mean. 

Going from middle school to high school is a big change. Students go from being the oldest in their school to the youngest. 

High school is usually much larger than a middle school with many more classrooms and hallways. Freshmen may think they will get lost or won’t make it to class on time. 

The thought of being mixed in classes with students from other middle schools or older grades may also seem scary to some students. 

In contrast, some freshmen might expect high school to be all fun and time to hangout with their friends. They may think they will have more freedom and can be on their phones whenever they like.

Is the reality of high school really as bad or good as expected?

“Hearing a bunch of rumors from the freshman last year really made me nervous about high school,” freshman Annabelle Blackwood said. “Once I finally got to high schoo, it opened up my mind that it’s not that bad and you have more freedom.”

“I thought high school would be more strict and more up pace,” freshman Savannah Burris said. “Really, high school is laid back and at a slower pace. It’s more like they’re testing your independence when you’re doing assignments compared to middle school.”

Hardly any students actually get lost on their way to class, and if they do someone will help them get there. 

Most upperclassmen don’t pick on freshmen and aren’t as scary as some might think.

Rumors are just to scare freshmen and most of the time are not true at all. 

Students do have more freedom in high school than middle school, however there are still many rules to follow and hard classes to complete. 

Some things about high school can be scary, but usually your thoughts are much worse than the reality. 

The high school experience is very different for each person, and you won’t know until you live it.