Skipping to Christmas

As soon as Halloween was over this year many people started getting out their Christmas decorations. Most holidays are only celebrated on one day, but people start celebrating Christmas almost two months in advance.

November should be about Thanksgiving, yet people are skipping to Christmas.

Christmas is the most joyful holiday for some people. Decorating the house, Christmas lights, putting ornaments on the tree, shopping, seasonal drinks and food, and Christmas music spark joy in many people’s lives. 

Waking up to a Christmas tree and hot chocolate allows people to feel warm and happy. 

Starting to celebrate early may make Christmas seem like it lasts longer, and who wouldn’t want that.

Some people may decorate early every year just because they love the holiday season so much. Some people may have decorated early this year in spite of everything that has happened. 

This year has been a very tough year. The corona virus changed everything causing many people to get sick, having to quarantine alone, and miss out on special events. This has been hard on everyone.

There have been many other issues this year that have made it feel long and miserable. Are people rushing to celebrate Christmas because they want the year to be over?

Many people hope that with the new year life will start to get better. Christmas leads to 2020 being over, so celebrating it early may allow people to feel as if they are almost through the year.

Getting ready for Christmas can bring joy back into people’s lives after a very hard year.

Most people will still celebrate Thanksgiving, but with their Christmas decorations out and a holiday season mindset.