Christmas 2020 ideas

Having trouble thinking of what to ask for or get someone for Christmas? Here are a few ideas:

  1. New iPhone – If it’s time to upgrade your phone, the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max and SE were released this year and would make a great gift.
  2. Phone case – To go along with your new phone or to replace your old case, phone cases are a great gift because everyone needs one and there are so many different designs and patterns to choose from. 
  3. New gaming console – The new PS5 and Xbox X were recently released and would make a great gift, especially for teenage boys. 
  4. LED Lights – LED strip lights became popular this year and are a fun way to decorate your room. 
  5. Gift cards – Gift cards to Amazon, clothing stores, restaurants, etc. are very convenient because the person can use them on whatever they want so they will certainly like it. 
  6. Subscription service – There are many popular subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, Disney Plus and many more that you can provide for the person for a certain amount of time. 
  7. Clothes – Everyone wears clothes but not everyone likes the same things. Some popular clothing stores that are pretty universal include Nike, Amazon, Adidas, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Goods and H&M.
  8. Shoes – There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, and who doesn’t like shoes? Some popular shoe brands are Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Birkenstock, Doc Martens, Converse, and Vans. 
  9. Health and beauty Items – You could always get someone their favorite shampoo and body wash and they’d be happy. Bath bombs, a hairbrush, makeup, perfume/cologne, etc. are gifts that are very useful and convenient. 
  10. Pillows, blankets, etc. – These items are very practical yet still enjoyable. You can buy blankets almost anywhere (Amazon, homegoods stores) and there are so many different styles; you can even get them customized to be more sentimental. Throw pillows are a good way to decorate your room and silk pillowcases have been proven to be better on your skin and hair and would make a good gift. A new comforter is another great item.