Fashion trends of 2021

With a new year comes new things, and one of those things is fashion trends. Fashion is a topic that never gets old, especially with different styles coming out every season.

Fashion trends have evolved over time and they still continue to change over the years. This year, fashion strikes again with new trends to compliment the new year.

As of the recent pandemic, masks have had a major influx, showing up everywhere from small-businesses online to Amazon and eBay, and finally to Walmart, Target, and almost every place where you can shop. 

Black masks have made a hit in the fashion industry, appearing in stores and almost every public place where there are people wearing them. They have also made a big appearance here at Chapman, with a good percentage of students wearing them, staying safe and stylish.

Ripped jeans are nothing new to high school fashion, or fashion in general. Since they can be paired with many different outfits, they’ll definitely continue to make waves here at Chapman. 

Hoodies and sweatshirts have always been a common sight in high school, but this year students can really make a difference with more stylish jackets and sweatshirts that complement their outfits. 

For example, a green rain jacket with a simple, single-colored shirt, with matching shoes and fitted jeans.

Overall, whether students prefer a more stylish outfit or comfy clothes, each generation can make an impact with their own unique style.