Student jobs comes with challenges

High school is a time that comes with a lot of changes, and one of these changes can be starting employment in entry-level careers. 

The stress that comes from being a teenager with a job, along with handling schoolwork, can be overwhelming, so it’s important to combat that stress with healthy coping mechanisms.

“I take time to myself and make sure I’m giving myself enough breathing room to balance everything,” junior Sara Bryant, an employee at the restaurant Burgers and Bakery, said. 

A common theme in the seeking of solace from a busy day at work is taking a breath and doing something small to make the day a little easier. 

Some students make school a priority and let work come last in order to maintain a good work-life balance in high school. 

Junior Kayla Her works at Ingles as a cashier every weekend and tries to pick up shifts when she can. She recognizes the importance of prioritizing school work before her job by communicating with management to keep a healthy schedule. 

“I prioritize my education, and the managers there understand that, so they’re flexible with my scheduling,” she said.

Entry-level jobs like retail, restaurant work and cashiering can have stressful aspects to them. Some main stressors of these jobs can be management and providing good customer service. 

At Burgers and Bakery, Bryant identifies the source of her stress at work as “keeping everything stocked throughout the day” and maintaining the restaurant. 

Junior Lexie Krivicich, an employee at the shoe store Journeys, has stress that comes from keeping customers happy and trying to de-escalate anger coming from rude customers. 

“It’s hard not having the size for the customer,” Krivicich said.

Though work can be stressful when it comes to outside influences and maintaining different aspects of your life, the overall benefits that come from working can outweigh the negatives. 

Monetary gains are the main reason that most teens decide to apply for a job, and the friends that they make can influence them to stay in that work. 

“My coworkers help me like my job,” Her said.