Should teachers be prioritized for vaccines?

Since the vaccine for COVID has come out, people have been discussing who it should be distributed to first. As of recently, news has been circling about teachers being one of the first groups of people to get the vaccine. 

When in the classroom for five days a week, teachers are more likely to be exposed to things such as viruses and stomach bugs. 

Teachers who teach from home are usually less likely to be exposed to viruses and bugs, depending on how often they travel. 

So, why should teachers be excluded?

Obviously, vaccinating essential workers and the elderly is more important than vaccinating teachers is, but teachers should definitely be vaccinated before just the general public.

Schools should be able to get students vaccinated, too. 

There’s no point in keeping teachers from getting sick if the students aren’t prevented from getting sick, too.

If teachers are going to be teaching in person, then they should be one of the first people to be vaccinated.