Should states reopen fully?

This year, a new vaccine against COVID-19 is now being distributed. Since people have been vaccinated, states around the U.S. are starting to open back up. 

Some states that are opening up are also removing the mask mandate, along with other restrictions that were there to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Throughout the pandemic, people have been loosening up on following safety guidelines whenever case numbers would go down, causing spikes in case numbers. 

That could very well be one of the reasons why COVID-19 got so out of control. 

If states start opening up before everybody is vaccinated and we know for sure that the virus is not around anymore, then there’s just going to be another spike for the people who aren’t vaccinated.

It’s similar to the flu season: Most everybody is vaccinated, but people are still sanitary and wary of getting the flu. The only difference is that COVID-19 affects people quite differently, and typically much harsher, than the flu does.Plus, COVID-19 is much newer than the flu.

With the new vaccines for COVID-19 new being distributed, it would be safest if businesses would gradually open up. Taking more precautions when opening things back up will give more time to see if the vaccine prevents a spike in cases.

It’s good to be wary because people who haven’t been vaccinated are still at very high risk for catching the virus.

Being safe and cautious is the most important thing we can do right now.