Chapman tennis in a rebuilding year

In the face of challenges, the Chapman boys tennis team remains resilient. 

“We’re definitely in a rebuilding year,” head coach Caleb Crittendon said. “We lost six of seven players from last year.”

Crittendon and sole returner and team captain Grant Kinlaw have had to rebuild the boy’s tennis team from scratch. 

“Our one returner is a solid player,” Crittendon said. “He’s been playing for years, but for the most part our new guys are brand new to the game.”

Luckily, they were able to recruit six more players but with this came a new challenge. 

“There are a lot of challenges with a brand new team that’s expected because they don’t know the rules as well and they’re not as progressed as people who have played the sport before,” said Kinlaw. 

Although having an inexperienced team is challenging, Crittendon and Kinlaw remain confident in the team’s willpower. 

“They’re getting better a lot faster because they’re new and that’s helping us a lot,” said Kinlaw. 

Crittendon and the team are aware of their current standing and are trying to set realistic goals.

“Let’s make it our goal to make playoffs,” said Crittendon.