Being good can still be cool

The internet has been known for new and weird trends, and one of its trends happens to be looking down on good behavior. 

Looking down on bad behavior has been around since before the internet, only getting worse with social media and platforms around. 

There have been instances where someone will express that they think being nice and polite makes them “weak” or insignificant.

People have always been glorifying bad behavior by advertising being rude as “cool”.

But why? Why are good manners looked at as a bad thing?

Why should people look at being nice in a negative light? 

Some people just don’t realize that they can be “cool” and still be a good person. You don’t have to act all tough and mean to make people like you.

If you just have some basic manners and show at least some respect, then you already have the first step. 

It’s also okay if people don’t like you. You can’t force people to like you after all. 

Being yourself is cooler than trying to make yourself cool.