Schools should pay more attention to students’ stress

A common theme in schools is giving students large numbers of work, and those loads of work typically lead to stressed out students.

People consider this normal for students in high school and middle school. 

Stress levels especially got worse during the height of the pandemic.

Right around the middle of 2020, students were more stressed than usual, due to the pandemic, and still having to do the same amount of work in a more difficult environment.

Students shouldn’t have had to go through that, and they shouldn’t have to again. 

During dire situations like a pandemic, schools should work out a plan that will allow teachers to be able to follow their syllabus but give students less homework to keep stress levels as low as possible.

If schools were to do this, things would be easier for the students and teachers. 

For one, teachers wouldn’t have to go through and grade as much work, making more room for them to handle the pandemic. Students would have time to focus on their personal lives and not just school, making it easier for them to get things done.

With that, things would be easier for everybody since they would have more time to get work done and get things graded.

If schools took this into consideration, it could show a great improvement in student’s academic performances.