Taking on challenging courses


Jordan West

Students in Fred Brown’s AP Physics class work on exam preparation.

The bell rings at 3:15, but the school day is far from over for many students. 

Some students have after-school activities that keep them on campus until at least 6 p.m. Once they get home the work only continues with hours of homework and studying. For students who take honor and AP courses, the workload can be intense.

Fred Brown, an AP Chemistry and AP Physics teacher at Chapman, teaches some of the most challenging courses at Chapman. 

When asked what things Brown takes into consideration when teaching these classes he said that he looks at how much each student is weighing each subject to determine how much time to spend on that subject. 

The stress of an AP or honors class can be overwhelming for a high school student. Teachers who teach these more difficult classes have to learn how to help students manage the stress and their time with all of the work that is being thrown their way. 

“The biggest thing is to give them lots of practice and a chance to see the work and the types of questions that are given by AP and the College Board,” Brown said. “The more you see it the less stressed you will be.” 

Senior Colby Garner, a student in Brown’s class, was asked the difference between AP and regular classes and he said that the workload is different and there’s a lot more material in an AP class. 

“We are usually learning new stuff every day if not learning a couple of different things every day,” he said.”

With all of the extra work these types of classes require, it can be hard for some students to manage and juggle between their other classes and extracurricular. 

“You definitely have to manage the free time that you do have in class to work on whatever you need to work on, and I think that once you do learn to manage things that can help a lot,” Garner said.”

Despite the workload, AP classes have many benefits and can be helpful in multiple areas of life. 

“I do feel like you have to work on your time management, it gets you ready and prepares you for college,” Garner said. “It is great to take as difficult of classes as you can. Not only does it benefit you but it looks really good on your resume.”