Body Positivity


Drew Timmons

Erica Fletcher

Erica Fletcher, Staff Writer

We all dislike different things about our bodies, but many of us can agree, that weight is the thing we hate the most.

You do not really need to fix your weight; you need to fix the way you feel about your body and your weight. I do not have a thigh gap, abs or clear skin, but I do not need to fix that.

We are pressured to be skinny and small. We are told that in shape is the only shape we should be. However, in  the endless media cascade of celebrity surgery, plastic and Photoshopped bodies of what we should be, we lose who we are. The idea of fitting into a size in a dressing room or a box of adjectives is not ideal or reachable for anyone.

I see in society all the time, how people feel so negatively about their bodies all the time, saying things like, “Oh I am so fat and ugly,” on Facebook or Twitter fishing for compliments to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.

I am not a psychologist, but saying things like that can not be good for you.

You have to trick you into loving you. You have to tell yourself you are beautiful everyday in the mirror, even though you will feel really silly at first.

In a few weeks, you will start to see yourself looking beautiful and feeling beautiful.

I have been doing this for a year. My self confidence is higher than ever. Instead of your self confidence being measured in teaspoons, it could be measured in buckets and buckets of radical self love.

You must love your body, regardless of how hard it is. You are worthy of love, but you must love yourself first.