COVID guidelines are still important

As of recently, there have been COVID rules loosening up. For example, local schools, including Chapman, have a new rule that no longer makes masks mandatory for all students and staff.

The reason why these rules are becoming more and more laid back is because vaccines are being distributed.

Having vaccines to keep vaccinated people safe from possible death from COVID has obviously made people feel more safe, and that’s not a bad thing. 

But it is still crucial to be cautious around other people, since you can’t always tell for sure if someone else is vaccinated or not. 

Protecting yourself is important, and by protecting others from spreading what is left of COVID, you are, in a way, protecting yourself.

Therefore, following the guidelines for preventing further spread of COVID1 is still important.

Informing people about the vaccines is also a good idea.

Making sure that people know what is true and what is false about the vaccines will help encourage people to get vaccinated.

If we prevent misinformation from spreading, we can make it easier on everybody by making sure everyone knows what’s true, and what’s not.

We need to protect others from getting and spreading the virus and encourage others to get vaccinated.